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dj Toni K is a Russian born, Ghana raised and America based DJ.

Her cultural background infused with her love for music makes her one diverse DJ with worldwide appeal not merely playing one or two genre’s but the aptitude to play whatever compliments the scene she’s hired to take over. From throwback time shifting frequencies to modern day hip-hop, soul to rock, Toni K effortlessly blends vast genres sure to satisfy anyone's musical palate.

For the past 10+ years her unquestionable flair for rocking a party and unending quest for new tunes has made her the impresario she is today. Having spun for clientele such as Beyonce, Fendi, Cipriani, Neiman Marcus, Saks and more, her ability to musically captivate the masses takes her all across the nation.

In efforts to expand her brand, Toni not only seeks to create mixes blending top 40's and otherwise less known genres, she's also delving into music production and event planning curating her own events - The Playground ATL, Lovecult Bonfire and Indie House - through out the year which has garnered some much deserved attention and represents her knack for creativity, development and entrepreneurship. Each event melds different cultures, time periods and musical genres displaying her own legendary DJ stylings amid providing rising DJ’s with an opportunity to spin as well.

A sure-fire musical treat and a creative that’s constantly perfecting her craft juxtaposed with her infectious aura separates her from the majority. With her finely tuned ear, ease and expertise, she hopes to conquer the international scene just as she has in the States.